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  • MeganGawthorpe

    My granddads taking me to buy all my furniture for moving out tomorrow.. He has freed up 7 hours from his day. Glad he knows me well 😅👌
    18 seconds ago
  • katharine8282

    http://t.co/6ZkrJGIbsC 6mm Dia Threaded Stem Plastic Base Adjustable Furniture Glide 5 Pcs 6mm Dia Threaded St... http://t.co/zB83AOZJE8
    21 seconds ago
  • Domus_USA

    Tip-Over Furniture Can Kill Kids - HealthDay http://t.co/BRNHuVuPqV
    22 seconds ago
  • MelMadiba

    People that think my career is changing wall colour & assembling furniture, not knowing that I draw electrical & plumbing plans too
    28 seconds ago
  • thecrackin

    Sometimes the only power move you have left in a marriage is to rearrange the furniture while your spouse is away.
    36 seconds ago
  • CraigHarris128

    RT @RFRetail: 4 in 1 Polish. Available now from Amazon. http://t.co/VQeK36ynDG http://t.co/XUWsxIsp9m
    37 seconds ago

    Got a house but I need your furniture Why spend mine when I can spend yours ?
    38 seconds ago
  • Orlando_FL_News

    Startup spotlight: Casselberry art studio makes old furniture new again.. #Orlando #FL #news
    45 seconds ago
  • DecDenTatera

    First Friday is THIS Friday at 6pm. Come see our Top Designer Picks From Furniture Market! https://t.co/3oBFyN2CCy http://t.co/mf0ksy4mlX
    45 seconds ago

    The guys who delivered my furniture made a call before they arrived...
    52 seconds ago